Here at Windy Acres,  all of our breeding dogs are outstanding hunters.  I personally field work and train every breeder. If they are not hunters I will not use them to breed.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they do make our lives whole!"
Roger Carris said that ,But ,I think it is true !

Our Dogs make Fine Hunting Companions

and Life-long Friends
Things you may not yet know
A VersatileClose Working Pointing Breed
Truly a
Loyal, mild tempered, affectionate dog , gentle with children
Calm in the house and a dynamo in the field
Always anxious to be your best friend
Extremely intelligent, AKA Biddable
Regular brushing and grooming recommended
Origin: Mountain region of France
Activity level is high, they require exercise daily
Although Great pets they were bred for field sports

and outdoor activity. ​They do much better in active hunting

families and historically do not do well in a docile home environment.  
We have all these plus many roan and heavily ticked phases

Did You Know?
The French Brittany is the forefather to the American Brittany! 

They are smaller in size and more relaxed by nature than the

American Brittany. Used as a bird dog they are growing in 

popularity as a house dog due to size, intelligence, ease of

training and beauty. Originally  in France ,trained to hunt

all game by peasant's and poachers.

Epagneul Breton, AKA French Brittany, is the smallest pointing breed in the world. In the United States ,ONLY recognised by the UKC, United Kennel Club, they are often misrepresented by breeders. The AKC does not recognise them as a separate breed from the Brittany. Windy Acres has spent many years trying to insure clients and friends purchase only pure Epagneul Breton pups.


Starting from 6 weeks  These amazing dogs are pointing and looking for birds. As they grow they increasingly gain knowledge and desire. Returning to the home to sit with the family and be spoiled ! 


Clients, Comments, Testimonials and Feedback

(Please send any feedback I don't make them up They have to come from you ) Thanks

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​1. Ollie has captured our hearts. He continues to be delightful. We are pretty well pee trained, except when we're not. Rattle snake 🐍 aversion training will be after age 6 months. He is everything we could want in a puppy, plus he thinks I'm the best:). The mountains are opening up and we'll get up there soon to fish and hike. Best, and healthy wishes. Terry

​2.  Briggs had his best day on Thursday. Hit some new PLOTS land which was tall thick grass. Had seen a young rooster scoot in from the ditch. Hopped out and Briggs caught scent right away. Another solid point (creeped on it a little bit) but I flushed him and he retrieved it about 2 feet from me. Kept walking and he was very birdy. I was re positioning when a hen and a nice adult rooster flushed in opposite directions and of course I was on the hen's side. So I eyeballed the rooster and headed that way. Briggs must've known we were heading for him because he was quartering a lot tighter! We came over the hill and the thick tall grass ended in about 30 yards to an open field and pond. Briggs suddenly stopped staunchly and even looked at me like "get him already"! Rooster started running, hopped up and Briggs plopped right down next to him proud as can be.Thanks again. Erik

​3. Hey Phil. We absolutely love this critter !!!  What an amazing dog !!!!  I wouldn't even care if she couldn't hunt. As of now, I'll never own another breed; unless it's a second or third companion. ~Jeff & Kris

​4. You probably get tired of people bragging about your dogs, but here it goes again. Rooty is 18 months old now. In the house and yard he is a playful puppy yet, but in the field he is all business. His nose is pretty amazing. He is pointing backing and retrieving to hand now. He has found and retrieve some birds I never though we had a snowball chance in hell of finding. When he finds it you can tell he is pretty proud of himself. The thicker the cover the more he likes it. I have never had a dog that likes the thick cover so well, I thinks he thinks he is a springer sometimes. The only problem is that he likes to get out of range pretty easy and is pretty gung ho. A beep on the collar or small nick usually turns him right around though. He points well, but in the thick stuff he likes to flush them, which isnt all that bad, cause there is no way I can get into the stuff. Great dog and great buddie. Best Regards Kevin Nelson

​5. We were truly pleased to hear about Nate's progress and growth. I am  glad you are having success with Nate. We are so happy and excited to read your last letter. I read it myself 3 times.
I do realize he is still a puppy and I am amazed at what you can already do with him. You have a nice balance between dog training and puppy growth. We are so lucky to have you as a trainer and appreciate it very much.
Thank you for keeping us updated. We love the letters and of course the videos and pictures.
Take care and enjoy the upcoming, truly American holiday.
Barry and Tina

​6. Phil, a long overdue note to you my friend. Ginger is 10 this year and it does not seem possible. She hunted eagerly last year, but I slowed more than she! We are moving to Arizona this winter . Purchased a small home there several years ago but I was stubborn and did not want to leave MN. I have plans to minimally hunt Ginger and slow my normal grouse pace to about a third for some quail. Marge will not let me get another pup and I have to agree. My expectations are this little girl will outlast me. We both wanted you to know we could not have purchased a finer family or hunting dog. With hundreds of grouse and timber doodles she has been a fantastic hunting companion and an amazing member of your family.  We often say the dog is so much smarter than we. Our very best wishes and hope your remission is permanent. Please keep in touch with the Christmas letter. We thoroughly enjoy them.
You have been a Super breeder, advisor and friend over the years. We wish you continued luck in that endeavour.
Good Health  Dr. Paul and The Boss Marge and Ginger