LEFT   Lexa and Levis Litter . 7 March First one for 2017 All Liver and white All were pre sold . Day old critters are sure beautiful.

RIGHT  Jipzee and JJ had a litter of 7 as well all tri pups one Liver tri 14 March 2017

As of the 2017  training Season end, I have trained over 554 pointing  Dogs, most were Epagneul Breton, But  Almost every breed over the years.

​Started to Finished Dogs
We take great pride in the quality of our started and finished dogs. Unlike many kennels we select pups from  our new litters, based on our clients needs  , then I design them a plan to meet those needs.

​Returning to be trained or finished

We have plans for the pup going home and returning for training ( best for bonding) ,as well as keeping and training dogs for as long as 10 months for started dogs and returning to be finished in a year or two. We have to date, never had left over pups to make into started dogs.  We would be pleased to talk about these programs with you.

Purchasing a Windy Acres Pup
" You pay good money for a quality pup. But ONLY Love will make it's tail wag!"
We offer Pick of the litter BY SEX. for $1500. WAK reserves the right to have first pick of any litter. 

Pricing  Our Pups at 6-9 weeks with   Breeding restriction applied price is  $1000 

AKC restricted papers given when you pick up your pup and we Hold UKC paperwork until Vet certifies neuter or spay.

Pups with no breeding restrictions will be $2000.  either sex. Full papers no restrictions.
 Color or Sex  has no effect on price.

PLEASE NOTE: Reservations For spring/Summer 2020 are open , 14 Reservations are already made .


3 Litters  are Planned.

​We Presell 6 Per litter 24 slots

​​For a prospective client questionnaire, required for any purchase or getting on the overage list or any  Questions? Please call Phil @ 701-332-6352

Expected Pairings for 2020 Meesha and Lando ( Already bred) Pups around First od Feb!!

Lexa and Levi    AI Scheduled

Jipzee and Monty

( if needed) Belle and Lando)